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Milwaukee's Collective Affordable Housing Plan

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"Since the plan’s completion, the CDA has focused on several strategies designed to boost homeownership among Black and Latino families, raising $26 million in grants and equity for its work and leveraging millions more in development value. It currently is supporting the construction of 166 entry-level homes by several partner organizations and has created an $8 million acquisition fund that is being used to purchase properties from landlords for sale to homebuyers; to date, 40 properties have been acquired through that fund and eight of those have been rehabbed and sold."

Status Report

Together we are implementing a plan to advance racial equity by providing a quality, affordable home for every Milwaukeean.

Through existing neighborhood based quality of life plans and review of data, we have identified the need for 32,000 additional Black and Latino Homeowners, and 32,000 rental units for families making $7.25 to $15 per hour. We have brainstormed with a wide range of organizations to develop solutions for review and support.

Help guide us towards racial equity and quality, affordable housing for every Milwaukeean.

Read the Milwaukee Collective Affordable Housing Plan

Affordable Housing Plan
Sherman Park Rising Mural - Full Tia Richardson_edited.jpg

What are your ideas for implementing the Plan?

Quality, safe and affordable housing are core elements to quality of life for everyone, and we need your guidance to ensure these are realities for every Milwaukeean.

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Community Development Alliance

The Community Development Alliance (CDA) is an affiliation of community development funders and practitioners that has collaborated for more than a decade on neighborhood improvement efforts in Milwaukee. CDA is currently working on a Collective Affordable Housing Plan with the goal of a quality, affordable home for every Milwaukeean.

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Sherman Park Rising Mural - Full Tia Richardson.jpg

"Sherman Park Rising"
Mural by Tia Richardson | Photo by Troy Freund

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